“In his referenced “Cataract Solutions” Dr Swartwout paints a broad canvas concerning natural molecules that can be used to slow down the development of age related cataract. He draws open his vast knowledge of botanicals and homeopathics to construct a map of the medicine of the future. The discerning reader will likely be both fascinated and overwhelmed by this compendium of information.”

Dr. Jeffrey Anshel
President of the Ocular Nutrition Society
Author of Smart Medicine for Your Eyes

"My cataracts have thinned since taking your Solution!" 

Betty Gowler, Carlsborg, Washington

Joyce faced a serious challenge:

A previous eye operation in one eye for glaucoma had triggered a reaction in both eyes called Sympathetic Ophthalmia...

So her goal was to avoid all further eye operations that would likely trigger a similar reaction, and potentially leave her blind faster than her cataracts and the glaucoma...

For many years, we successfully guided her in improving her wellness, her ocular health and her vision... without drugs or eye surgery...

Here's how she got started:

After first visit: "My whole body straighter."

Second visit: "My son and a friend both said I was looking better. Another friend said my complexion had improved. My ophthalmologist in Honolulu was jubilant. He told me my eyes looked great. I was not surprised because I could tell when I would read, that the yellow in my eyes was much diminished."

Third visit: "My hearing has improved some, my foot continues to get better, the yellow in my eyes seems almost gone, and my reading vision has improved.... My whole body seems to be responding..."

Then: "Now walking almost normally again."

And: "I no longer have the feeling of being handicapped. This means I have more zest for life. My husband has noticed I have more stamina."

Finally: "First dental appointment in years not requiring antibiotics due to report from Dr. Matsuura, heart specialist, that I no longer showed any signs of a prolapsed mitral valve. Credit was given - or at least explanation stated - that I was seeing a holistic doctor." Also, after a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where Joyce was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: "Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted... I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might."


"Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable,"

Dr. Jacob Liberman

Author of Light: Medicine of the Future.