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Introducing a Few of the Foundational Remedies

 We make your remedies the slow way...

It takes more care and attention, but that is how we keep our remedies 100% free of the anti-healing ingredients found in 80% of supplements and virtually all drugs... like Stearates that reduce bioavailability, and Phthalates (plasticizers) in enteric products that destroy immune function.

Why are our Functional Formulations™ so comprehensive?

Each ingredient carries a unique energetic signature that stimulates specific pathways of healing.

According to our research, this photobioenergetic effect of biocommunication accounts for 85% of the healing response...


Crystalline Clarity

(Healing Oasis)

$40/30 caps

The Crystalline Lens is the lens of the eye where cataracts form...

The lens is the densest protein in the body, so it is especially sensitive to the quality of circulation in the area, since nutrients and toxins must negotiate a more challenging path to and from the living cells of the lens.

For example, Mercury binds to sulfur groups in the lens proteins, and stays longer in the lens than any other tissue.

Mercury is detoxified by Glutathione (GSH), which is deficient in degenerative processes like Cataract.

The Crystalline Clarity formula includes precursors and cofactors that support the cells to make more GSH, including N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).

It also supplies pre-formed GSH to the interior of the cells by including S-Acetyl Glutathione.

Normally, Glutathione is digested by enzymes in the gut and in the blood on the way to the lens.

The S-Acetyl group prevents this, and is removed by an intracellular enzyme once it reaches the cytoplasm.

The formula includes the essential mineral Chromium (bound to Niacin as Glucose Tolerance Factor) because issues with dietary sugar and sugar regulation are one of the most common contributors to cataract.

Chromium is the only essential mineral the kidneys cannot retain, and it is the first to be lost in food processing.

Repleting Chromium levels increases longevity potential by 5 years, and the clarity of the lens is one of the highest correlates of longevity.

Essential minerals Zinc and Copper are supplied in ratio in the bioavailable forms Zinc Carnosine and Copper Glycinate.

We use the Carnosine form of Zinc because Carnosine prevents glycation (AGE formation) of the lens proteins.

We also include additional N-Acetyl Carnosine for additional anti-AGEing benefits.

Copper and Zinc are both essential for the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

The fourth essential trace mineral in the formulation is Selenium, supplied in the optimal form Methylselenocysteine (MSC).

Selenocysteine is the cofactor at the active site of glutathione peroxidase (GPx), part of the cell's front line antioxidant enzyme system, along side Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase...

Organically bound Selenium is critical in quenching peroxynitrite radicals...


The biochemistry of selenium and the glutathione system



In addition to optimum forms of essential minerals, we include other key nutrients like vitamins in coenzyme or other optimum forms, amines and Pyruvate.

Botanical concentrates include the carotenoid Lutein, Polyphenols: Xanthohumol, Anthocyanidins, Ellagic Acid, Luteolin, Quercetin Dihydrate (the highly bioavailable water soluble form), and Trans-Pterostilbene.

Background on many ingredients can also be found in our book Cataract Solutions.

We also include a small amount of Yeast Enzyme extract (found in higher dose in Lens-Zyme for brunescence which is yellowing of the lens), and the Golden Book formula described on this page.

To maximize intestinal absorption and vascular delivery to the eye, we also include our Bioavailability complex, which is a Fibonacci-inspired sequence of ingredients drawn from Ayurvedic Medicine, Modern Nutrition, and Botanical Medicine East & West...

Take one or two capsules up to 3 times a day before meals.

A basic preventive dosage is one capsule a day.

Crystalline Clarity is supplied in our Phthalate Free enteric vegicaps.

Learn more about Phthalates here.

All of our remedies are supplied in Biophotonic glass bottles to maintain potency and purity.

Learn more about our special packaging here.

Learn more about our Functional Formulations™ here.


(Healing Oasis)

$40/5 mL

OcuHeal eye drops supply all natural nutritional and botanical ingredients to support eye health and visual function.

In addition to N-Acetyl L-Carnosine, OcuHeal supplies nutrients:

• Vitamin B2 and B6 in their active coenzyme forms (Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate and Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate)

• Vitamin C and Zinc (as Zinc Ascorbate)

• Organic Sulfur as MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

• Cineraria maritma and Lanosterol are included for lens health

• Forskolin (from Coleus forskohlii) is included for immune modulation and neuroprotection

• ORMUS, salinity and full spectrum ocean trace mineral content is supplied as Quinton

• Bioavailability of Vitamins A & E is enhanced with the addition of DMSO

• Stability is protected by Silver ions



Efficacy of N-acetylcarnosine in the treatment of cataracts

In a randomised, placebo-controlled study, 1% N-Acetyl Carnosine eye drops were used by subjects with senile cataracts ranging from minimal to advanced in various layers of the lens.

Subjects were evaluated every 6 months for 2 years.

At 6 months, 90% showed improved visual acuity (between 7% and 100% improvement).

88.9% improved in glare sensitivity as well (ranging from 27% to 100% reduction of glare).

Nobody in the treatment group ever got worse during the 2 years, and there were no ocular or systemic side effects.

The improvements were sustained throughout the 2 years of the study.

Treated subjects did significantly (p < 0.001) better than the controls whether they had cortical changes, posterior subcapsular deposits, nuclear cataracts, or lens opacities in multiple layers...



See also:

N-Acetylcarnosine, a natural histidine-containing dipeptide, as a potent ophthalmic drug in treatment of human cataracts

N-Acetylcarnosine sustained drug delivery eye drops to control the signs of ageless vision: glare sensitivity, cataract amelioration and quality of vision currently available treatment for the challenging 50,000-patient population.

Rejuvenation of visual functions in older adult drivers and drivers with cataract during a short-term administration of N-acetylcarnosine lubricant eye drops.

Lipid peroxidation and cataracts: N-acetylcarnosine as a therapeutic tool to manage age-related cataracts in human and in canine eyes.

Telomere Attrition in Human Lens Epithelial Cells Associated with Oxidative Stress Provide a New Therapeutic Target for the Treatment, Dissolving and Prevention of Cataract with N-Acetylcarnosine Lubricant Eye Drops. Kinetic, Pharmacological and Activity-Dependent Separation of Therapeutic Targeting: Transcorneal Penetration and Delivery of L-Carnosine in the Aqueous Humor and Hormone-Like Hypothalamic Antiaging Effects of the Instilled Ophthalmic Drug Through a Safe Eye Medication Technique.

One drop in each eye morning and night is the typical dosage.

If using multiple eye drops, keep them separated by at least 5 minutes so they don't dilute each other and reduce absorption...

All of our remedies are supplied in Biophotonic glass bottles to maintain potency and purity.

Learn more about our special packaging here.

Learn more about our Functional Formulations™ here.

Golden Book

(Healing Oasis)

$40/30 caps

Golden Book is based on a classic botanical medicine formula of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Japan, the formula is called Hachimijiogan, which means Eight Herbs for Eyesight.

The formula also goes by the names Rehmannia Eight Formula, Pa-wei-ti-huang, and Bawei dihuang.

It has been used to treat cataract for centuries...

A clinical study in Japan showed improvement in clarity of the lens in 60% of early cataract cases.

Another 20% showed stabilization of cataract, with no further progression of vision loss.

The Golden Book formula is often found in teapill (wan) form, but these use wax and talc and the typical dosage is 8 pills 3 times a day.

The other traditional form that is used is the bulk herbs, but these are sprayed with sulphur in shipping.

The ratio of raw herbs in the formula is:

• Alismatis rhizome (6),

• Rehmanniae root (12),

• Cornus fruit (6),

• Dioscoreae rhizome (6),

• Hoelen (6),

• Moutan bark (5),

• Cinnamon bark (2), and

• Aconite root (1)

With bulk herbs, making tea is not always convenient when it is time for a dose, and most Chinese herbal formulas are renowned for their unpleasant flavors.

Our unique solution for potency, purity and ease of use is to combine concentrated extracts of the botanicals in a chlorophyll vegicap.

This avoids the issues of hard to digest wax, exposure to talc, having to boil water, and overcoming the issue of taste.




The evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of hachimi-jio-gan (traditional Chinese medicine) to mouse hereditary cataract

This study in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology found that the formula activated the Sodium-Potassium ATP-ase enzyme that pumps excess water associated with cataractogenesis out of the crystalline lens.

It also showed some anti-oxidant activity. 

The equivalent effect extrapolated to humans is estimated at 13.9 years of prevention.




Pharmacological action of hachimijiogan (Ba-wei-wan) on the metabolism of aged subjects

Cholesterol and triglyceride levels decreased significantly in the liver.

Levels of Glutathione (GSH) and related enzymes increased in the lens of the eye suggesting preventive benefit against senile cataract formation.

[Note: Low GSH levels are associated with cataractogenesis and other degenerative conditions]




The dosage range for our Golden Book formula is one capsule taken with food, from one to three times a day.

One capsule a day is a basic preventive dosage.

All of our remedies are supplied in Biophotonic glass bottles to maintain potency and purity.

Learn more about our special packaging here.

Learn more about our Functional Formulations™ here.


We believe in full disclosure rather than proprietary formulations. That means we tell you everything that is in our Functional Formulatio

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