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Cataract Solutions Update

 Cataract Solutions was written between 1982 and 2012, and we have been busy since then making your solutions easier and more effective, so here's an update...


Welcome to Cataract Lab. 

Cataract Lab is a project of Healing Oasis, which dedicated our core efforts to ending the major causes of blindness worldwide by the year 2020. 

My name is Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, and I am the author of Cataract Solutions. 

I would like to share with you a summary of some of the key recommendations from the #1 book on natural healing of Cataract, so you can use it as a handy checklist to identify which factors may apply most to you… 

Overview of Preventive Factors and Risk Factors in Cataractogenesis: 



For prevention and reversal of cataracts, emphasize nutrient rich, whole, organic, heirloom, ripe, raw, local, fresh and natural foods. 

Avoid nutrient depleted and depleting, refined, fractionated, processed, stale, commercial, packaged, junk, cooked, fried, irradiated, caffeinated, sweetened or artificially sweetened, artificially colored, artificially flavored, chemically preserved, and GMO foods. 

Specific Foods: 

Emphasize fresh organic fruits (raw, well chewed pineapple, apple, pear, orange), vegetables (raw, well chewed carrot, spinach), preferably local organic produce, small cold-water ocean fish, plain whole milk goat yogurt with live culture including L. bifidus, garlic, whole soaked or sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, and fresh juices. 

Avoid sugar, cow dairy (30% of cataracts), wheat, soy, eggs, fried foods, fats, margarine, excess protein especially if meats eaten well-done or micro-waved, tuna, swordfish, and shellfish from polluted waters. 


Vitamins A, B complex (including B2, as an activated, co-enzyme B complex formula, and especially helpful if it also contains PQQ (in Mitochondrial Biogenesis), C & bioflavonoids (Ginkgo supplies bioflavonoids and also increases ocular circulation for better delivery of all nutrients to the lens), D (from full spectrum light, plus supplementation with Vitamin D Synergy if level is below optimum), E (Vitamin E Spectrum, the formula available through physicians since 1963, is the only available pure, whole Vitamin E complex), TMG (Trimethylglycine, recycles Homocysteine back to SAMe, which is S-Adenosyl Methionine, thus raising SAMe levels even without supplementing the higher cost SAMe directly. SAMe is the only supplement known to stimulate cartilage regeneration, and the lens of the eye has similar characteristics being avascular, plus it is the densest protein in the body, making it even more challenging for processes of nutrition and detoxification. Homocysteine levels are the best predictor of cardiovascular disease, which is crucial for cataract formation, because the lens tissue is the furthest from the capillary beds that supply its nourishment, making it even more dependent than other tissues on the quality of that regional circulation. This is a similar situation to that found in the joints, and there is an association between cataracts and arthritis for this reason. While three quarters of people who die of cardiovascular disease do not have high cholesterol, high levels of Homocysteine accurately predict two thirds of the deaths. The optimum formulation is SAMe Synergy which we are in process of reformulating, so for now use TMG.) 

Stress, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, sugar and smoking all deplete nutrients. Tobacco alone causes 20% of all cataracts. Take natural caffeine and sugar free energy support such as Energessence and/or Nous Energy to help ease elimination of caffeine, chocolate and sugar. Also take a capsule of Glucose Tolerance (with Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium, the co-enzyme form the body can use directly without further processing) with any caffeine, chocolate or sugar exposure or cravings. Chromium is the only mineral the body has no mechanism to store, and it is the first one lost in commercial food processing. Adding it as a daily supplement adds 5 years to life expectancy. Since glycation is 1/3 of the underlying cause of cataracts, you will also benefit from taking a capsule a day of Reverse AGE. AGE stands for Advanced Glycation Endproducts. These are the result of sugar damaging our proteins, nucleic acids, and fatty acids throughout the body. They are the second leading cause of aging and degeneration after oxidation.


Minerals are even more fundamental to health than vitamins, which are also essential. Significant minerals in cataractogenesis can include: Bone Builder with MCHA (Micro-Crystalline Hydroxy-Apatite) turns on the active Calcium absorption channel, thus doubling absorption of any Calcium present from food as well as the supplement itself; Magnesium from Neuro Magnesium or Magnesium Synergy; Selenium (our formulas use Methylselenocysteine, the best form); Zinc from Zinc Syntropy (if you test low on our Zinc Taste Test); plus Copper if deficient (or in balance with Zinc for long term Zinc supplementation). 

Check for and detoxify Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury, and any other toxic minerals found to be present. Key remedies are Chelation and Glutathione Syntropy. A provocative test and electro-dermal testing are often essential in identifying hidden toxin deposits. Avoid coffee, as it stresses the pancreas' sugar regulation even more than sugar does, promoting growth of dysbiotic microbes that methylate Mercury, or turn it into a salt, in either case making it about 1,000 times more toxic than it is in the metallic form. One amalgam filling has enough mercury to poison a 5-acre lake, and half of it leeches out in 20 years... It stores in the crystalline lens of the eye longer than in any other body tissue. Also be cautious with Methylcobalamin, as this active coenzyme form of Vitamin B12 is the catalyst that methylates Mercury. That’s why our functional formulations with B12, such as Sublingual B12 use a high ratio of Adenosylcobalamin (the other active coenzyme form of B12) relative to the Methylcobalamin…

Body Chemistry 

Give natural support for antioxidant protection like Molecular Hydrogen (the ideal antioxidant) from our ionizers that make living water, thyroid regulation like Thyroid Support, liver metabolism like Liver Support, kidney function like Microbiome, digestion like GastroZyme, elimination like Binder Complex, and protein metabolism, like Unity or One Step. Protein is an especially important consideration for vegetarians. Supplementation of an enzymatically pre-digested protein powder (available from rice, whey, or white fish sources) is recommended to ensure availability of free amino acids for replenishing the body's digestive, cellular and especially its anti-oxidant enzyme systems. "Just say no to drugs." Many drugs cause cataracts, especially cortisone & other steroids, antibiotics, and sulfa drugs, even in ointment or eye drop form. 


Classically, 4 ounces of purified water is recommended every half hour, at least 30 minutes before each meal, and starting again 2 hours after each meal. 

Microwater ionized by electrolysis is absolutely essential if it can be obtained, as it is anti-oxidant, alkalizing and micro-clustered water, penetrating at least 10 times better into the cells of the lens than simple purified water such as RO (Reverse Osmosis). Microwater also aids directly in digestion of foods because of its penetrating power, so it can be taken during and after meals without impairing digestive function, unlike other forms of water. When a dose is missed, microwater can also be taken more than 4 ounces at time without putting added stress on the kidneys to keep the blood osmolarity in balance, since it immediately penetrates into deeper aqueous compartments of the body such as the extracellular fluid, intracellular fluid, lymph, CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid), and of course the lens. We can recommend the most powerful and cost effective water systems such as the Life Ionizer.

Perspiration is most helpful in bypassing the kidneys for elimination of a wide range of toxins including heavy metals. FIR Sauna (Far Infrared) is the most efficient method of achieving this. It stimulates twice the amount of sweat as other higher heat saunas (wet and dry), and the concentration of toxins in that sweat is doubled as well, resulting in four times the efficacy for detoxification. That is why FIR Saunas are used in drug detox and other intensive detoxification programs. If you have any silver amalgam fillings, use a portable sauna that leaves your head area out of the infrared exposure…

Avoid excess or deficient fluids, and undiluted fruit juice. Dilute fruit juice first to 50% and then to 20 to 25% as taste buds adjust to the decrease in sugar concentration. At this lower level, the blood sugar is not destabilized, but also consider that water that is already carrying something such as juice or tea is no longer as good a solvent to remove wastes from the body tissues, such as the lens of the eye. Diuretics, which include alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages, are responsible for 25% of cataracts. Diuretics overstimulate the kidneys to work extra hard removing needed water from body tissues, producing a state of dehydration in the cells. Proper hydration of cells in the lens is essential to maintaining their optical clarity. 


Emphasize herbs high in bioflavonoids such as those found in Vitamin P: Polyphenols. Also widely used are Cineraria maritima (in Clear Lens andif glaucoma is also an issue, OcuHeal Eye Drops), American Ginseng, Chaparral, Celandine and Eyebright, plus Chinese herbs Rehmaniae, Dioscorea, Cornus, Poria, Alisma, Paeonia, Moutan, Lycium, Polygenum, Semen cuscatae, Eclipta, Privet fruit and Chrysanthemum. Take Crystalline Clarity once or more daily… We've also added the botanical nutritional complex Clarity based on new research and a clean and concentrated version of the traditional Chinese botanical formula Golden Book based on past clinical studies to our repertoir.

Use of an herbal program to help smoking cessation removes 90% of nicotine from body tissues in one week, compared to 6 months without that support. Typically, at about 6 months, when the body is finally removing the nicotine residues, the temporary spike in nicotine results in craving as it moves through the blood stream. That is often when unwary former smokers fall prey to the addiction again. 


Consider: Calc. carb., Caust., Cineraria maritima, Mag. carb., Phos., Puls., Sil., Sulph. 

Consider homeopathic Merc. sol. as a single remedy at 7C or higher, or in an appropriate complex for stimulating removal of Mercury; Heavy Antitox for heavy metals as a group. We also like homeopathics of the Spirit Minerals to move the heavy metals based on electrophysiological testing and biocommunication.


Consider Syntonic phototherapy which may show functional changes in a few minutes. Emphasize moderate exposure to natural sunlight, and indoor use of full spectrum lighting (Ott lights) or other balanced spectrum lighting with a high color rendering index. 

Minimize artificial light, as well as excess or deficient UV exposure. Avoid Blue light from screens between sunset and sunrise. Computers and phones have settings to make this automatic…


Far Infrared sauna, Vision Training (Neuro-Fitness Training), swim, rebound, walk; reduce body mass index 

Eliminate the sedentary lifestyle by doing something active and meaningful to you, such as gardening, dancing, swimming or walking. Rebounding is the most efficient exercise, and FIR sauna is also equivalent to exercise at this optimum level. When doing both sauna and exercise, starting with sauna is equivalent to stretching and warming up. 

Stress and Circulation 

Unless you already have specific lenses designed differently for driving, computer, and reading distances, a slightly reduced prescription or even an older pair of glasses for close work may be very beneficial as stress reducing lenses. Practicing good visual hygiene involves taking frequent breaks from any sustained closework, especially on computers. 

Hydrotherapy uses alternating 5 minute hot/10 minute cold compresses for a total of half an hour daily on the eyes to stimulate local circulation and metabolism. 

If hypertension is an issue, consider taking a high potency Garlic supplement as well as Glucose Tolerance. Lack of eye movement is an issue in near visual activities like reading, TV, and driving. When reading, practice Pursuit Reading by smoothly moving the reading material around in all directions as well as closer and further. When driving, practice peripheral awareness of both rear-view mirrors while looking at the road, and then shift vision alternately to the dashboard, the mirrors and back to the road in between. 

Another recommended eye exercise is the eye stretch. Look up while stretching the skin below the eyes downward with the fingers, starting at the rim of the bony orbit. Repeat in each direction, looking down while stretch the tissues upward, and then looking right, and left. Hold each stretch for at least one or two breath cycles or until you feel an internal release or muscle relaxation response. This is especially good to do as a break or after intense use of the eyes such as paperwork or computer use, or any time your eyes feel strained. It is also an ideal preparation for a refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. 


Gratitude, joy, love, harmony, peace, relaxation, laughter and smiling are always prescribed! 

Reduce muscle tension. If you are prone to muscle tension, cramping or twitching, be sure to take TMG. It works wonders, and it works fast to relieve painful muscle spasms. 

Foundational Supplements and Dosages 

Following are a few favorite foundational remedies used in the author's practice for people forming cataracts. Some common reasons to consider including these products in an individualized program are italicized. With individualized functional response testing as biofeedback or bio-communication, such as some form of electrodermal screening or bio-kinesiology, many more possible considerations of both issues and potential remedies come into play on an individual case basis, and, due to the resultant accelerated self healing, tend to change dynamically as progress is made month to month. 

Crystalline Clarity

The core remedy designed for the health of the crystalline lens of the eye is Crystalline Clarity.

Clear Lens Eye Drops

Clear Lens Eye Drops and OcuHeal Eye Drops provide topical support, usually one drop in each eye twice a day. If taking other eye drops, keep them at least 5 minutes apart…


Take one or more capsules of Lens-Zyme daily between meals if there is significant yellowing (brunescence) of the lens.

PSC Protect

Posterior Subcapsular Cataract often affects younger people compared to the more common aging related cataracts. It is often related to immune stress, most typically from steroids. Also consider adding Sublingual 7-Keto to restore adrenal function.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) 

Take a loading dose twice a day, reducing to once a day if there are brunescent (yellow) cataracts or there are issues with cholesterol.  Mitochondrial Biogenesis is a great source for a maintenance dosage along with comprehensive synergists to support cellular energy metabolism and even reproduction of the mitochondria. This is always a good idea in any degenerative or aging related condition.

Allium-sativa (Garlic) 

Take one high potency garlic pill at bedtime if there is cardiovascular risk. This ingredient is included in Blood Cleanse and Reverse AGE.

Beta Carotene 

If there are skin or membrane issues, start with a loading dose three times a day, tapering to once a day for maintenance. Take separately from other carotenoids.

Glucose Tolerance (with GTF Chromium) 

Take one or more a day if there are brunescent cataracts, or with diabetic or cardiovascular issues. Adding Reverse AGE provides further help.


Take a capful (1/2 tsp) under tongue or in water twice a day before meals or on empty stomach for one month. This is my homeopathic formula designed to reactive the body's digestive functions. If you need stronger digestive support including hydrochloric acid substitution therapy without the usual risk of creating dependency, add GastroZyme with heavier meals.


Take a capful (1/2 tsp) under tongue or in water twice a day before meals or on empty stomach. This is the author's homeopathic maintenance formula for circulation, oxygenation, energy and endurance. Take four times a day with PSC cataracts, or take twice a day and take Cernilton flower pollen twice a day. 

Vitamin C Syntropy

Take at least once a day, especially if there is any history or suspicion of possible Glaucoma. 

Microbiome (broad spectrum probiotic) 

Take a loading dose three times a day, then taper to once a day for maintenance. Keep at three times a day if drinking any tap water or eating commercial meats. If improvement is not seen, consider switching to a broad spectrum SBO (Soil Based Organisms) formula as a chronic alterative. 

Ginkgo biloba (essential) 

Ginkgo is essential to enhance delivery of nutrients to the eye, and is included in many of our formulations as part of our Fibonacci sequence of Bioavailability Factors. We recently increased the number of key ingredients included in our Bioavailability Blend from 7 to 10. Our mission is constant improvement.

High potency, broad spectrum multi (essential) 

Take at least one three times a day to ensure all essential nutrients are being supplied. An alternative to pills is One Step predigested protein powder loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It can be taken as a supplement once or twice a day in cereal or a shake, or used as a total meal replacement for protein sparing fasting to support cellular detoxification or food sensitivity identification. 

Neuro Magnesium (Magnesium Threonate) and/or Magnesium Syntropy 

Take one twice a day for 6 months, then once a day for maintenance if there are cardiovascular, energy, or metabolic issues. Magnesium is essential for over 3,000 enzymes that we know of so far...

Vitamin P: Polyphenols (bioflavonoids)

Take one twice a day for a month, and then once a day for maintenance. Take two twice a day if there is exposure to UV radiation. 

Bone Builder 

Take one a day, or one twice a day if there are issues with osteoporosis. 

Natural Resource A-Z

Take a capful (1/2 tsp) twice a day under the tongue or in water on an empty stomach. This is the author's homeopathic multivitamin and mineral formula designed to stimulate cellular uptake and utilization. You will probably notice that your urine turns less yellow when taking this along with a multi or other B complex supplement. 


Take a capful (1/2 tsp) four times a day for a month, and then maintain at twice a day, if there are issues with arthritis. This is the author's formulation to reactivate cells in a degenerative, low energy state. Homeopathic shark essence stimulates more cellular biophoton activity than any other homeopathic tested. 

Stamina Plus 

Take a capful (1/2 tsp) twice a day, if there are issues with stress or the nervous system. This is my homeopathic B complex and C stress support formula. 


Take a loading dose three times a day for a month, and maintain one dose a day if there are PSC cataracts. 

Vitamin E Spectrum

Take one a day for a week, and then build up to one twice a day for maintenance if there are any heart issues. 

Vitamin A (pre-formed) 

Take one a day for three months if vegan. Choose our Night Vision formula, or Vitamin A Synergy.

Free & Easy 

Free & Easy is a botanical complex from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also called Xiao Yao (essential support for the Wood Element, which governs the eyes and vision). Take 1 capsule up to three times a day before meals or on empty stomach. Liver Support is also synergistic, taken with dinner since the wood element is most active from 11 PM to 3 AM.

Zinc Syntropy

Start with the Zinc Taste Test (Zinc Sulfate supplement solution) to see if your level is low, and to monitor it as you progress. If you are deficient in Zinc, take one capsule of Zinc Synergy daily with a meal, until your level comes up to normal. 

Advanced Energy Healing Technologies for your home or office:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

ICES is a wearable PEMF device designed by the same NASA researcher who originally developed PEMF for the space program. 

We were distributors of the BEMER technology that increases circulation by 30% so we can guide you on use for the eyes if you have one. Since the crystalline lens of the eye has no direct circulation and is the densest protein in the body, it is particularly dependent on the quality of circulation to the eyes. We highly recommend the highest quality PEMF therapy on a daily basis, and you can apply for a payment plan to make it very accessible. Most people with early cataracts show measurable improvement in visual acuity within weeks. We now recommend and supply the Kloud technology, which is the update to the BEMER technology from the same researchers. It stimulates more healing pathways with 2000% more quantum energy levels. It is also more easily affordable.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

The Healy from Europe provides Frequency Specific Microcurrent in a convenient, wearable device. Use it if you have one, but we are no longer promoting it.

We have also explored a healing wearable device you can rent month to month with frequencies programmed for you.

DENAS Microcurrent Biofeedback (SCENAR technology)

We put together a DENAS package including special electrodes for your eye area. It utilizes the SCENAR biofeedback technology originally developed for Cosmonauts to maintain their health without pharmaceuticals in the Russian space program.

Harmony Laser (Pulsed Infrared and Red Laser Light)

Our Harmony Laser is a soft infrared and red light laser that incorporates the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature to maximize your healing potential by attracting the superconductive minerals of the conscious spirit body.

Hydrogen Water (H2)

Antioxidants are defined as electron donors. Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the perfect antioxidant. It is actually the measure of the electron level in body fluids in Bioelectronics of Vincent (BEV) that is the basis for our 5 Phases of Health model of the biophysical terrains of health and disease.

A good start is our affordable ($260), portable Molecular Hydrogen water machine… You can use it on the go… Ask us for details.

For your home or office, we recommend a Life Ionizer. In addition to alkaline drinking water rich in H2, the stronger units also make strongly alkaline water that can remove pesticides from produce, and strongly acidic Superoxide water that works as a topical antibiotic and cleansing agent. Payment plans are also available for these units.

Accelerated Self-Healing™ (Reverse Aging through Biofield Coherence™)

Once you start implementing support to Accelerate your Self-Healing process, your needs will shift from one month to the next according to your progress. We can help you keep your program up to date and fine tuned to meet your unique individual needs. The first step to access our coaching and consulting support is to complete the online application form here. Then we’ll get together on the phone (or a video conference) to help you identify the right products and programs to get you started… 

In wellness, 

Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, 

author of Cataract Solutions 

Healing Oasis 

Hilo, Hawaii

(808) 217-9647

P.S. We are putting the finishing touches on audio books for our books on blinding eye conditions, including Cataract Solutions... Let me know if you are interested...

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